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Our Programs

Small Group Sessions (2-5 participants)

Large Group/Team Sessions (6+ participants)

Private (1-on-1 Sessions Training

Private sessions are ideal for individuals of all ages and skill levels who require personalized 1-on-1  sessions to develop and enhance their skills. 

Technique/ First Touch
Field Awareness/ Position Awareness
Passing / Shooting / Dribbling / Heading / 1v1 Defending & Attacking
Confidence/ Mental Toughness
Overall Fitness - Speed / Agility/ Quick Feet
Weak Foot

Our Small Group training sessions are for all age groups with any skill level. Participants will be grouped based on skill-set and then age, to create a positive and comforting learning environment.

Technique/ First Touch
Field Awareness/ Position Awareness
Passing / Shooting / Dribbling / Heading / 1v1, 2v2 Defending & Attacking
Confidence/ Mental Toughness/ Decision making
Overall Fitness - Speed /Agility/ Quick Feet
Weak Foot

Our Large Group/Team training sessions are ideal for all age groups with some prior soccer experience. We will focus on technical and tactical skills, while also competing in small-sided games.

Technical Training
Fitness Training
Tactical Training
Small-sided games
Team Dynamics

Youth Summer Camps

Goalkeepers Sessions

Take your goalkeeping skills to the next level! These 1-on-1 training sessions are very structured and specific to developing goalkeeping abilities.
Breakaway Situations
GK Communication
Corner kicks/ Free kicks/ Crosses/ High Balls
Decision Making/ Distribution/ Diving
GK Fitness/ Handling/ Reflexes/ Agility/ Footwork
Angles & Positioning/ Set Plays

Our Youth Summer Camps are weekly camps that are geared towards learning the fundamentals of soccer with an emphasis on technical training in a fun, physical, and friendly environment. Participants will learn a new soccer move each day and how to use it during games. Additionally, they will learn 16 invaluable Brazilian soccer moves!
Our Summer Youth Camps are divided into two age groups:
Mini-kickers for ages 5-8
Soccer Stars Elite for ages 9-12